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FIC: Home (A/R) [NC-17]

Title: Home
Author: Mareel
Author's Contact:
Written for: toastoos
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Archer/Reed
Summary: A private interlude... a bottle of wine... and a surprise or two for Jon
Length: ~6500 words
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, but they really do belong to each other
Beta: Many thanks to evilleaper and kayjayuu for taking the time to read so carefully. Remaining mistakes are my own.
Warnings: AU to Season 4 after Stormfront
Spoilers: Nothing specific, just general references to S3.
Notes: toastoos requested an AU Archer/Reed futurefic, preferably related to family.

This can be considered part of my Refuge series, but it's by no means necessary to have ready the earlier stories. For those who have read them, one note: there is a story still being written that is set immediately after Stormfront and deals with their homecoming. This one is set approximately 5 years after the end of the Xindi mission.

My deepest thanks to evilleaper for all of her constant encouragement and suggestions and to kipli for all of the inspiration provided by her ent_musing Malcolm.



I’m home.

I've been drifting in and out of a light sleep for a while before finally opening my eyes... and it takes me another moment to realize where I am. All that matters though is that Malcolm's head is still pillowed on my stomach... and that my hand is resting on his chest, with my body curled around him protectively.

We fell asleep like that... exhausted... content. It felt so good to share some time alone. No meetings or communicators, no messages... not even the normally very welcome presence of our son.

Malcolm's still asleep... a wonder in and of itself... and I realize it must be earlier than I thought. It's barely light out, and an early morning fog diffuses what light there is. I try not to move, not wanting to wake him. There'll be time enough for that... or for him to wake on his own. Right now, I cherish these moments of stillness, a chance to drink in and memorize again every aspect of the beautiful man asleep in my arms... my partner, my husband... the love of my life.


Malcolm surprised me completely when he sent me a comm message that reached me as my shuttle was just approaching the Terran System. I'd been representing Starfleet at a diplomatic conference on Andoria and was anxious to get home to my family. Even a few days away from them was too long, and these talks had been extended twice.

I played his message several times, smiling at the slightly cryptic instructions he was giving me... but always so happy just to hear his voice. I remember telling him once that he could read the Starfleet personnel directory to me and I'd listen raptly. As I recall, he kissed me and told me he'd not waste his breath on that... but if I were interested, he could read aloud from "Torpedoes Today" or something of the sort.

"Hello, love... I'll have to keep this brief. Something has come up and I was hoping you might be able to change your plans for the rest of the week. Could you meet me at the Cove House instead of coming home?

"I've made all of the necessary arrangements. Alasdair is going to stay with his aunt; he thinks it’s very grown-up to go for a visit on his own. And Madeline is delighted to have a chance to spend time with her nephew. She's going to stop by the house shortly to collect him... and Porthos, of course. You know how inseparable those two are these days.

"I've packed a bag for you, since I'm sure you didn't even bring a pair of jeans with you to Andoria, much less any beach shoes. If I've forgotten anything, we can buy it in town up there.

"Don't bother trying to reply, love. I'm off as soon as Madeline gets here, and I'm not planning on bringing a communicator. Well... you know me... there'll be one in my kit, but only for emergency use. I've been looking forward to some quiet time with you, and this seems like the right time and place.

"I'll see you soon... as soon as you can get here. I've missed you, Jonathan."

There was never a moment of doubt in my mind that I'd do just as he requested. Malcolm so seldom asks for anything... and I'd never pass up the chance for any time alone with him, much less several days together.

And he did have everything very well planned. Even my normally hectic schedule was cleared remarkably easily, with just one comm call and no runaround. I still have no idea how he managed to arrange that. Actually I probably don't want to know.

I did wonder just a bit whether there was something I was forgetting... not Malcolm's birthday... that was last month... nor mine... and not our anniversary. There's no way either of us would forget that... it means too much to us both. So, I had no idea. 'Something came up', he said.

I'm still hoping that my shuttle pilot was keeping his eyes on his controls and didn't notice my sudden blush. You'd think I'd be old enough not to react like a schoolboy at the thought of what would most definitely come up when I got there... if not before. But even after more than seven years together, thoughts of making love to Malcolm can still do that to me.

I remember consciously trying not to think of him right then... not like that... not the way he would look lying in my arms, looking up at me and licking his lips just before I began kissing my way down his neck... to his chest... and lower.

But try as I might to concentrate on the conference report I was writing, the PADD actually ended up serving another purpose... one could position it strategically on one's lap to hide... well... to hide the evidence of what I was really thinking about.


As I left the shuttle at the edge of town and began walking the mile or so toward the small cottage we rent every time we come up here, I could feel myself relaxing. The tension built up from those intensive days of discussions about possible starbase locations simply couldn't be sustained here. This place has always been a haven for us. It's a remote part of the Oregon coast, pretty far off the tourist track, and there's not much to do here beside walk on the beach and watch the storms and sunsets... which suits us just fine.

We were married here, on this beach... and we came back here as soon as we could when we got back to Earth after the Xindi mission. In the five years since then, we've been back several times a year, wanting our son to grow up knowing and loving this place that's so important to his fathers.

I stopped in the little wine shop in town to pick up a nice bottle of Australian red for tonight... or whenever we felt like sharing it. The shop owner knows us well... she was one of the witnesses for our wedding. To her, we'll always be simply Jon and Malcolm -- no ranks, no fame or notoriety, ever.

I paused at the door to the small prow-front house, turning to admire the sky as the sun began sinking behind the rocks and stacks. I wasn't sure Mal would be inside on an evening like this, but I wanted to drop off my things and change before walking down the beach to find him.

But when I climbed to the airy loft bedroom, I found Malcolm there waiting for me... and the sight of him took my breath away.

He was lying on the bed in a pool of red-gold sunlight, facing the doorway, propped on one elbow, one knee bent... wearing only the most beautiful hard-on I've ever seen.

"Oh god, Malcolm..."

"Hello, love... I thought you would be arriving shortly. And you can see what the thought of that does to me."

I managed to set the wine bottle on the nightstand and simply dropped everything else at my feet as I crossed the short distance to the bed. Kicking off my shoes, I climbed onto the bed beside him and bent to kiss him. His lips parted at the first touch of my tongue, and no matter that I tried to keep that first kiss gentle, it quickly deepened. My arms found their way around him to lift and gather him close, and our eyes met as the kiss finally had to end.

"Ahh Malcolm, what a wonderful surprise. I thought maybe you'd be waiting for me on the beach... enjoying the sunset. But it's even more beautiful from in here. And I never expected this kind of very warm welcome..."

My hands were all over his back, and one slid up into his hair as I sank back onto my heels and met his eyes again. That one kiss was far from enough either... but I was already feeling the tightness in my uniform that I'd felt earlier on the shuttle. He realized this, I'm sure, and was already tugging down the zip and pushing the uniform off my shoulders.

"You do realize that you're overdressed, love? Let me see if I can remedy that."

Malcolm wanted to undress me himself, gently but firmly slipping his hands beneath mine as I began to unbutton my shirt... and again as I reached for the hem of it to tug it off over my head.

"Let me, love... have been wanting to touch you... run my hands over your stomach... up across your chest..."

Of course I let him, reaching out to caress his cheek and neck as he slid his hands up under my shirt, deliberately brushing his fingertips across both nipples as he pushed the shirt up. I expected him to ask me to raise my arms or begin pulling it over my head, but instead he moved in closer and began licking a nipple, then drew it into his mouth, suckling and caressing with his tongue.

By then I was literally aching to get out of that uniform. I moved to push it down over my hips, but again Malcolm's hands were ahead of me. He lifted his head from my chest to murmur, his voice throaty.

"Lift your bum, love... there you go... I’m sure that feels better now, doesn't it?"

He was watching as my cock finally sprang free of the confining fabric of jumpsuit and briefs. I know I gasped at the release... and the sudden coolness of the air against my overheated skin.

Malcolm looked up at me then, meeting my eyes and licking his lips. Placing both hands on my chest again, he gently urged me to lie back on the bed, to give myself over to his attentions. There's nothing in the world I would have done more willingly.

I'm not sure what I was either hoping for or expecting, but he simply took matters into his own hands... and his own mouth. Sliding down the bed, on his knees now, he slipped between my legs, spreading my thighs with gentle hands as he made himself at home there.

I love all the ways Malcolm touches me, all the ways he strokes and caresses and licks and kisses me. His entire focus was on my cock. He drew a fingertip up the full length of it, and then slowly circled beneath the head for a moment before teasing at the tip, spreading the drops of fluid already present. Then he traced the same pathway with his tongue, ending with a long wet kiss that had me moaning.

"Oh god, Mal... such a tease, love... just suck me... please... need your mouth around me."

He looked up at me, his grey eyes meeting mine, and wrapped his hand around my cock for a moment.

"I will, love... just want to enjoy every part of this... too long since I tasted you..."

But we know each other well enough to sense when the teasing is just enough, and he bent his head back down and took me into that gorgeous wet mouth of his. He doesn't just close his mouth over my cock... he wraps his lips around me and lets me slide in slowly. The sensation of being surrounded by such warmth and wetness is almost overwhelming, and I know I'm trembling as he starts to suck harder.

I tried to prop myself up onto my elbows, because I love to watch his face as he offers me his mouth. He so obviously enjoys it as much as I do... he's not just sucking me off, he's very much making love to me.

I knew I wouldn't last long. I've told him that his tongue is a lethal weapon, and he was using it mercilessly, even as he was taking in more and more of my length. He shifted a hand to my hip, always his signal to me, and his reassurance, that it was okay for me to let go and thrust.

And I did... letting go in ways that I didn't even realize I was holding under control... physically and vocally. I was giving myself to Malcolm as much as taking his mouth with my thrusts.

It didn't take long for me to feel like every nerve in my body was firing in unison as I came hard. And he simply swallowed and kept his mouth moving on my cock until he knew I was completely spent. Even then, he was in no hurry to let me go, but let me slip slowly from the warmth of his mouth as I tried to catch my breath.

"... ah... Malcolm, love. I needed you so much... missed you so much. How did you know?"

Despite his own state of arousal, he was stroking my stomach gently, helping me come down at my own pace, trusting that I would know he still needed me.

"Jon, I know you so well... know us very well. I knew what I'd be wanting, and that you'd need me as much. I love you, you know."

"I do know that, Malcolm. Never doubt it. And never doubt I love you as much, will always love you."

Having caught my breath back, I spent a moment just admiring him, this amazing man who shares my bed and my life. And I knew with complete certainty what to do next.

I reached for him and drew him back up close enough to kiss him, beginning softly by fitting my lips against his. But at the first touch of my tongue, he drew it in and the kiss quickly deepened. He was still lying between my legs, and I spread them more and bent my knees some, feeling the heat of his cock pressing against me. Sliding my hands down his neck and shoulders, I reveled in the smoothness of his skin, and the hard muscle beneath it. And I whispered to him, still close to his lips after the kiss.

"Take me, love... want you to fuck me... fill me. And I want to see you... watch your face. I’ve missed you."

His voice was still throaty, but with more urgency in it, more need, and he reached up past my head to find a small tube on the nightstand.

"And how do you want me to fuck you, love? What about slow and easy as I slide my cock into that beautiful arse of yours? Then as hard and fast as I possibly can... because I can't be in you like that and not just let go..."

It didn't matter that I'd just come. I can't listen to him talking to me that way without responding to him, and I felt a stirring in my softened cock already. It wasn't going to surprise me if I was hard again by the time he was fucking me.

I think he must have seen, or sensed, what I'd just felt, because when he pulled himself away from my mouth and got back up onto his knees, he touched me lightly, just resting his fingertips over my cock for a moment.

I always love watching Malcolm take his own heavy cock in hand... watching him stroke himself. And I loved his small moans as he tried not to push himself too close to the edge as he got himself ready for me. I was breathing hard in anticipation as he finally slid his hand down over my balls and ass before beginning to stretch me open with his fingers.

It had been awhile for me, and he took his time. But he was murmuring to me and rubbing my groin slowly, inching toward my cock, and I could feel myself relaxing around him. By the time he'd gotten three fingers in, every small movement and thrust was very welcome, and I was hardening again, moaning and wanting more.

"I'm ready, Mal... want your cock... please... need more... all of you..."

He raised his eyes to mine and nodded, withdrawing his fingers and positioning his cock to press against me for a long moment before pushing in without pause until he was fully sheathed. Then he did hold for a moment, resting a hand at the base of my cock, rubbing gently again, making sure I was comfortable before he started to move.

Our eyes caught and held as he began long slow thrusts, pulling out nearly all the way before sliding back into me as deeply as possible. I licked my lips, hardening even more at watching him. He moved his hands to my hips, and then slid them further around, almost lifting my ass off the bed a bit, pulling me onto him as he pushed himself in.

My own cock was fully erect by then, and I ached to wrap my own hand around it and match his rhythm with my own strokes. I could feel him picking up the pace as I rocked my hips, offering him as much as I could, wanting to feel his balls against my ass when he finally let go and fucked me hard.

Finally I couldn't resist any longer, and did move my hand to my cock, trying to pace myself so as not to come until Mal was very close himself. I groaned, wanting more... faster...

"Mal... oh god, Mal... feels so goddamn good... let go, love... just let go..."

I felt it as he did just that... let go completely. The sound of his breathing changed as he began to grunt and pant harder, his hips thrusting faster, his balls slapping against my ass with every stroke. He was hitting against my prostate now too, and my head fell back onto the pillow at the intensity of the sensation building in my groin. I remember thinking that he was very close... I know the way his voice sounds when he's completely lost in the moment and about to come.

It's the sound of his voice, rough and breathy... it's hearing my name in that voice... that made me cry out as my balls tightened up and I came hard, my hand still trying to match his pace.

That pushed him over the edge too. I managed to lift my head enough to glimpse his face in that moment... one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. Both his face and chest were flushed and glistening with sweat as his whole body shuddered with his release.

Just the sight of him like that, buried up to his balls in me, always stirs me so deeply on so many levels. Beside the welcome release, it gives me an amazing sense of belonging to him... that I am completely his as much as he is only mine.

"... my Malcolm... love you... always yours... only yours..."

He collapsed down onto me then, as if he'd just spent every bit of his energy in what we'd just done together. I slipped my hand from between us, wiping it as clean as I could on the towel that I'd reached for automatically, forgetting that we weren't in our own bed. It made me smile to find it there anyway... that Malcolm would have thought of every detail in planning this for us, right down to tucking a towel under the pillow.

I stroked his damp hair slowly, gently, as we both tried to catch our breath, murmuring endearments to one another. My eyes weren't going to stay open long, and I know Malcolm was asleep even before me.

He was smiling.


Malcolm stirs a little, not quite awake yet, but burrowing closer against me with a small sigh. It’s only now that I remember that he never did tell me what had come up, besides the obvious, that had prompted him to arrange this wonderful interlude for us.

Not that I'm complaining, not in the least. I doubt that it’s anything I need to worry about; this place is our haven, a refuge... a place for us, as a couple, as a family. We came back here after the Expanse, when we both needed to heal. Since then, we have seen this coastline in all seasons and moods. It’s not placid, but even the storms are reassuring somehow. We like to watch them from the deck, getting soaked but not caring so long as we are warm within the shelter of each other’s arms.

Malcolm’s hand is covering mine now, pressing it closer to his chest, pulling me back into this moment, now that he’s awake. I murmur to him so he'll know I'm awake, too.

“... mmm... good morning, love. I think my body must still be on Andorian time... awake early, for me.”

He brings my hand to his lips and kisses my fingertips, smiling.

“Would appear so... I’m sorry I didn’t get to wake you this morning though...”

His smile becomes very nearly a smirk. How he manages that when he’s just now awake always amazes me, but it’s very much Malcolm. And very much Alasdair, who seems to have inherited his father's ability to wake to full alert.

"I can always go back to sleep, or pretend to, so that you can wake me properly if you like."

I love the feel of his slightly scratchy cheek against my skin as he shakes his head a little, a reminder of all the ways he's found to wake me already hard and wanting him. His hand moves in small circles on my chest, caressing, teasing a bit.

“It wouldn't fool either of us, love. We can simply enjoy being awake though; I can think of a number of ways to do that... here in bed... in the shower... or..."

He pauses a bit, a subtle cue to me that he's getting to what he really wants.

"... or we could go for a walk on the beach... watch the tide coming in through the fog.”

Stroking his cheek lightly, I can't help smiling.

"Ahh... I like that... walk for awhile, sit and watch the tide come in, talk... not talk... That does mean we have to get out of bed and pull some clothes on though... without distracting each other too much in the process."

I knew that would bring a full smirk, and it didn't take long to appear.

"Well, love... if you can avoid tempting me with that lovely arse of yours when you bend over to tie your shoes... we might possibly manage to get out the door."

Laughing, I sit up and watch him get to his feet by the bed. Knowing he's watching me too, I lick my lips deliberately as I run my gaze down his body and back up to meet his eyes.

"I'll try to avoid that... though I think it's too late for you. I'm already tempted."

He stretches out a hand to me as I swing my feet over the edge of the bed and look around for the bag he'd packed for me, and I pull him into my arms for a moment when I get to my feet.

"Good thing, love... I'd hate to think you didn't like what you saw just now. But... I want that walk. We'll have plenty of time later to indulge those temptations."

His hand snakes around my waist as he speaks, and I feel a firm squeeze to my ass before he steps back, nodding toward the closet.

"I stowed your bag in there. I think I'm just going to pull on a sweat suit... maybe a t-shirt under it, in case it warms up before we get back. Your red sweatshirt is in there, along with a pair of jeans if you'd prefer them."

I can't let him slip away without a kiss, so I lean in and brush my lips against his, whispering afterward.

"Thank you, Malcolm. The sweats will be fine. I appreciate your taking care of all the planning for this. It's just what I needed... probably what we both needed. I missed you."

"I missed you, too... and wanted some time alone with my husband before life starts up again, with everyone wanting you to go here and there, all over the quadrant."

Other than that, he's still not saying what it was that prompted this getaway. But I know he'll tell me in his own time, so I simply nod and kiss him again.


We don't have to walk far before the house behind us vanishes into the fog. We're walking close to the water's edge, heading north away from town, and it's as if we really are the only two people in the world.

I'd taken Malcolm's hand as soon as we stepped out the door, but now our arms have found their way around each other's waists. I love feeling the warmth of his hand as he slips it beneath my fleece sweatshirt, and almost regret deciding to wear a t-shirt underneath. Shifting my own hand a little, I slide it down into the back pocket of the warm-up suit he's wearing, and smile as I realize that's definitely all he's wearing.

The incoming tide begins to lap at our feet as we walk slowly toward an outcropping of rocks about a half-mile from the house. Only occasionally can I catch a glimpse of them through the fog, but I know very well where they are, and know with equal certainty that this is where we're headed.

We always end up here, by some unspoken agreement. We've laughed here, and we've cried. We brought our son here when he was very young, cradled close to Malcolm's chest as I wrapped my arms around them both.

It's probably the most secluded spot on an already quiet stretch of coastline. And it's a place we've made our own. I smile and pull Malcolm into my arms as soon as we reach its shelter. He doesn't lift his face to kiss me, but simply molds his body to mine and rests his head on my shoulder. We hold each other in silence for a few long minutes, no words necessary.

Then I do tilt his chin up enough to share a kiss, letting it linger before sinking down to the ground, drawing him with me. We're safely above the tide line here, and the rock is cool and damp but not wet. Still I'm glad to have brought a blanket to spread beneath us as I lean back against the vertical wall and settle Malcolm between my knees. He fits so perfectly there, leaning against my chest, my arms around him.

I drop a kiss into his wind-tousled hair as we watch the waves crashing against the tall stacks just offshore. The fog is lifting some and we can see further out to sea than was previously possible. He covers my hands with his, idly caressing with his thumb. I love that we don't need words for times like this... that we connect, and reconnect, without them.

But there are some words that are never unwelcome.

"Thank you, Malcolm... for knowing we needed this, for knowing me so well. Always know that I love you."

He lifts one of my hands to his lips and kisses my palm softly. That touch, that kiss, makes me shiver with its tenderness.

"... and I love you, my Jonathan. As I told you... I missed you. A great deal. It might be selfish of me, but I wanted some time alone with you, with the man I love..."

I bend to kiss the side of his neck, just behind his ear, breathing him in deeply as I lingered there.

"... and I have something to share with you, but wanted it to be only between us first. There'll be time enough for others to know... to tell Alasdair... and Madeline..."

I'm holding my breath now, not sure where he's going, but knowing it has to be something touching all of us, our whole family. I don't interrupt him though, letting him tell me this in his own way.

He turns in my arms then, meeting my eyes... and smiling.

"We're going to have another baby, love. We just got a letter from Maren saying that she was ready to carry another child for us. Ahh Jon, our son is going to have a sister..."

There's a small hesitation, a question in his voice as he studies my face, looking for my reaction.

"... unless we change our minds and decide it should be another boy..."

"Oh god, Malcolm! Damn! That's wonderful! How the hell did you ever manage NOT to blurt it all out to me in that first comm message? I would have, I'm sure!"

I know I'm babbling, but I can't help myself. This is so unexpected and wonderful.

"... and of course it will be a daughter, love, unless things just don't work out that way. You know I'll love any child of ours... how could I not? But if we do get to choose... it will be the little girl you've dreamed about..."

He stops the flood of words in the only way possible.

I know I'm smiling all though the kiss... and all through the next kiss. Malcolm can barely speak a word before I'm kissing him again. And he's smiling too... such a beautiful happy, excited smile... as though he's been holding in that smile and that excitement until just this moment, then letting it all burst free as he shares the secret.

"Ahh, Jonathan... you know my training, love. Keeping secrets goes with the professional territory... and I'm very good at my job."

A trace of what might be worry crosses his face for a moment, his eyes clouding a little.

"You're not upset that I didn't tell you sooner, are you? If you hadn't been so close to home already, I would have set up a two-way comm..."

I reach up to lay my fingertips across his lips. And replace them with my mouth in a very soft kiss.

"Upset? Oh no, not possible... it's wonderful news, and a perfect way to share it. You're right, love... it's for us first. We choose when to share it, and with whom."

He turns his body a little more so that he's able to rest his head against my shoulder, sighing happily as he relaxes against me. I stroke my fingers through his hair, both of us soaking in the enormity of the news... that we are going to complete our family as we've dreamed it... as we'd spoken of it here in this very spot.

"I'm so glad she wants to do this again for us. I can't imagine a better surrogate... she took such good care of Alasdair before he was born. And took such good care of us through it all... I'm sure we must have been a pain in the ass sometimes, with all our questions and worries."

Malcolm nods against my shoulder, lifting his head enough to press a kiss into my neck.

"She knew we wanted another child, said she would have understood if we'd gone ahead with someone else. I'm glad we waited too... so much less to worry about this time, knowing her so well already."

He smiles up at me again, making my breath catch. That's the smile that I fell in love with, so many years ago now, but it still has the power to take my breath away. I tighten my arms around him.

"All I can say is thank you, Malcolm. For this... for wanting a family with me, when it was barely something I'd ever dared to dream about... for being such a wonderful father... for loving me... standing by me, being there for me through it all. Just... thank you..."

Malcolm sighs very quietly and nuzzles into my neck a little more, his arm slipping around my waist, under the t-shirt as well as the sweatshirt this time. I can't help a soft moan as his palm rests against the skin of my stomach, such a warm, loving touch.

"I should thank you, love... for everything... I've never been so happy."

Time seems to stop when we're here. We sit, not talking much, just wrapped up in each other, watching the waves and the brightening light on the water.


We're finally getting around to opening that bottle of Shiraz. I pour a glass for each of us as we're sitting by the fire late in the evening. The warmth is welcome, from both fire and wine. The weather had turned chilly while we'd been out walking the beach for several hours. I swirl the wine a little in the glass before tasting it.

"Mmmm... this is nice..."

Malcolm raises his glass to me and meets my eyes for a long moment before taking a sip.

"It's lovely... Julia's recommendation, I assume?"

I nod as I wrap my arm around his shoulder and draw him in closer to me on the couch, a light blanket still wrapped around his legs.

"Of course. I stopped in at the shop on my way to the house when I got into town."

Malcolm raises an eyebrow as he looks up at me over his wineglass.

"I thought you might, love."

Something about his tone suggests that there might be more to this than my picking up a nice bottle of wine. I think back to my arrival yesterday, to my walk through town, to Malcolm's wonderful welcome...

"Hmm... she didn't seem too surprised to see me, actually, now that I think of it. I was going to mention something to you about how our visits must have become predictable or something, but I was a bit distracted when I stepped into the bedroom and saw... Wait! You said you were expecting I'd be along... just how did you know when I'd arrive?"

Malcolm's laughter always makes me smile. And this time, he's blushing along with it.

"A small tactical manoeuvre, Jonathan... and you walked right into it, love. I wasn't sure how I'd know when you got into town. But when I passed the wine shop and saw that Julia was in, I thought it would be worth a try to ask her to let me know if you stopped in. You did, and she did... and the rest... well I told you I was thinking of you... and you saw what comes of that."

I set both of our wineglasses on the side table for long enough to draw Malcolm over onto my lap. Once he's settled there, I hand his glass back to him after taking a sip from it.

"I think we can share a glass, love... don't want my hands full of anything but you. Mmmm, it is good though. I'll have to thank Julia for suggesting it."

Malcolm holds the glass and offers me another sip, then kisses me, slowly, lingering.

"It tastes good on you too. And I rather think she'll be very surprised when we tell her we're going to have a daughter... and what we're planning to name her."

I smile against his lips, looking into his sea-grey eyes, seeing my smile reflected there.

"Surprised and delighted, I'm guessing... and I think your sister will be too. I can't think of better namesakes. They'll both spoil her completely, just as they do Alasdair."

Malcolm nods in agreement with my prediction, reaching up to brush his fingertips over my cheek.

"And I'm sure she'll have us both wrapped around her finger within a few moments of her birth, love."

I chuckle a little, knowing he's right.

"No doubt of it. If she has your eyes, or your smile... I'm lost. And I'm sure she'll be as beautiful as her father... and as devious."

I accept the last sip of the wine as Malcolm offers it to me, and wait a moment for him to set the glass aside. Then my hands are slipping beneath his sweater, and his are in my hair. He wraps an arm around my neck to draw me close enough to share a kiss, and I shiver at how his lips part to the lightest touch of my tongue.

As the deep lingering kiss finally ends, I whisper against his mouth.

"...want to undress you slowly, love... take our time... lie you down beside the fire... make love to you right here..."

Malcolm's only verbal response is a soft moan that slips from his lips just before they claim mine again. His eyes are already dilated and dark, and all I want is to lose myself in them, in him.

I push his shirt up over his chest, and untie the cord at the waist of his sweats, already feeling the heat of his cock. My hand trembles a little as I reach in to cup and squeeze lightly, feeling him hardening more at my touch.

The loose fabric is easy to lift aside, and I feel him shiver as his cock springs fully erect as soon as I do, the tip already glistening.

"I love you, Malcolm... you are so beautiful... God you're fucking gorgeous. Just look at you..."

His fingers are threading through my chest hair, teasing a nipple to hardness.

"... love you... want you, Jonathan... right here... now... want you in me, love... please..."

I can never refuse him anything... nor would I want to


We never quite made it to the bed tonight...

I think we both fell asleep for a little while, just as we were, lying together on the cushions by the fire. I remember slipping out of him, remember that our hands were both still wrapped around his cock as they had been when he came just before I did, my name on his lips,

But when I half-wake minutes or hours later, I'm still covering his body with my own, my head resting on his shoulder. I'm always afraid my weight will start to feel like too much for him, though he always assures me that he welcomes it.

Nevertheless, I roll to his side a little, keeping my hand on his chest as I curl myself around him as much as I can, sliding a leg over his in my need for as much contact as I can manage.

Malcolm is still sleeping. He's smiling, and I wouldn't wake him for the world. But I watch him sleep for a little while before my own eyes start to feel heavy. The fire is dying down, and I reach for the blanket that we'd discarded by the couch. I pull it over to cover us both, and press a soft kiss to his shoulder as I close my eyes... so warm... content... together.

I'm home.


Tags: archer/reed, round two
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