September 21st, 2005

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FIC: Home (A/R) [NC-17]

Title: Home
Author: Mareel
Author's Contact:
Written for: toastoos
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Archer/Reed
Summary: A private interlude... a bottle of wine... and a surprise or two for Jon
Length: ~6500 words
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: Paramount owns them, but they really do belong to each other
Beta: Many thanks to evilleaper and kayjayuu for taking the time to read so carefully. Remaining mistakes are my own.
Warnings: AU to Season 4 after Stormfront
Spoilers: Nothing specific, just general references to S3.
Notes: toastoos requested an AU Archer/Reed futurefic, preferably related to family.

This can be considered part of my Refuge series, but it's by no means necessary to have ready the earlier stories. For those who have read them, one note: there is a story still being written that is set immediately after Stormfront and deals with their homecoming. This one is set approximately 5 years after the end of the Xindi mission.

My deepest thanks to evilleaper for all of her constant encouragement and suggestions and to kipli for all of the inspiration provided by her ent_musing Malcolm.

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An Epic Tale of a Lord and His Faithful Knight

Title: An Epic Tale of a Lord and His Faithful Knight (1/2)
Author: duck
For: qzee, who requested "Archer/Reed set in the middle ages with Malcolm as a knight, Archer as a lord/nobility of some kind."
Rating: R
Pairing: Archer/Reed
Genre: AU, Action/Adventure
Word Count: 13,016
Author's Note: You got an American history major writing this one, so it's about as accurate as I could make it with only a passing familiarity of European history. The English and HRE (German) political situations are taken from the Norman Conquest and the reign of King Henry IV respectively (near contemporaries of one another), but the rest (beer production, agriculture, etc.) is a bit of an amalgamation of 1066 to the thirteenth century and fantasy novels ;)

Apologies for the rushing near the end; the fic was starting to get out of hand and I wasn't trying to make a Clan of the Cave Bear-sized epic out of it. And then "a couple hours late" turned into twelve hours late because my internet went out. (Anything that can go wrong...)

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