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Each Second of Fear [0/5]

Some explanation is probably needed here...

First of all, I have to apologise profusely to my recipient -- I haven't finished your story. I'm so sorry, I tried my best, but time just ran out and I had to take care of my RL. I feel so bad. I explained the situation to Dilly a few weeks ago, who decided, in light of the fact that I at least have something, to let me go ahead and post anyway, without getting you a replacement. I hope you don't mind too much (and if you do, please hurl abuse with impunity).

I'm also obliged to warn everyone planning on reading this -- it isn't finished, it won't be finished until the summer, and what's posted here ends on a bastard of a cliff-hanger. You have been warned!

Title: Each Second of Fear

Written for: kayjayuu

Author: the_moonmoth

Summary: Jonathan always thought there would be time, one day, to sort out his messy relationship with Malcolm. Time just ran out.

Author's Contact:

Length: ~16,000 words

Rating: NC-17

Status: WIP

Series: No

Pairings: Archer/Reed, (Sato/other)

Warnings: Slash, character death, implied character death, future setting, plot, intense moments of technobabble, slightly AU ending to season 4.

Spoilers: Breaking the Ice, Shuttlepod One, Minefield, Judgment, The Expanse, The Xindi, Anomaly, Harbinger, Azati Prime, Home, Affliction, Divergence.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters, I just play with them. I did it for love, not money. No copyright infringement is intended.

Beta: The incomparable Mareel, who's been holding my hand over this thing since February. Every single time I've had a problem, she's thwacked me over the head with her magic wand and suddenly it all worked again. I owe you a lot, sweetie. My thanks also to Alia, for taking the time to give me some much needed feedback along the way, and to Kay herself, for my playlist ;)

Author's Notes: KayJay asked for Archer/Reed, a happy(ish) ending and angst along the way. All I can say is -- be careful what you wish for! That, and I'm really, really sorry I haven't reached the requested ending yet *wailing and gnashing of teeth*

I tried to stick as well as possible to canon up to Divergence, which is where we'd got to at the time I plotted this out. So the end of season 4 in this story is AU to the series. The 'current' time frame here is roughly ten years after the end of S4. I got my dates from It seems to be quite accurate, but if you spot any mistakes, please let me know.

Excerpts are from the poem 'Absolute Guilt' by Diana Pacuraru. The full poem may be read here:

Feedback: Please. All constructive criticism is most welcome, and in fact sought. I'm still at the stage where I can make changes, and worthwhile crit is always taken on board. I'm always trying to get better at this writing lark.

Part 1
Tags: archer/reed, round one
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